Whether you’re a sweat addict, a busy mom with an on the go lifestyle, world traveler, #girlboss, or let’s be honest, some perfect combination of all these, chances are good you’ve wished for clean, effective skincare that could make life a little easier already. Here are 5 ways DUCALM™ can help!

  1. Gym bag hero – Committing to a regular sweat sesh is hard enough, remembering products to care for your skin after class doesn’t have to be. With the Actives Recovery™ Kit packed in your gym bag, you’ll have everything you need to effectively cleanse, moisturize and calm your skin without ever having to wait in that long locker room line.
  2. Don’t cry over spilled products – We’ve all experienced that slow-mo, “Noooooooo!” moment of watching our favorite beauty product crashing to the floor or literally going down the drain. DUCALM’s solid skincare formulas and throwaway wipes not only work, but they can take a tumble without crumbling or spilling, making that feeling of product loss heartbreak – history.
  3. Plant-based Skincare is the new black – From diet to skincare, plant-based everything is trending! DUCALM products are packed with plant-powered ingredients like jojoba, sunflower, and rosehip seed oils, proven to naturally care for your skin. Not to mention they’ll instantly up your green game, even if you haven’t fully jumped on the celery juice and cauliflower pizza bandwagon.
  4. Toxic is a Britney Spears song – Outside of that, no one’s got time for toxic in their life, and that goes for relationships, self-talk, work, home, and definitely the products and ingredients going into and on your body. That’s why just as important as knowing what’s in your skincare, is knowing what’s been left out. From the Natural Nutrient Lip Balm to the Multitastic™ Cleanser, every physician-formulated DUCALM product is nontoxic, unscented, paraben-, phthalate-, sulfate- and colorant-free. DUCALM is nontoxic care for better and beautiful you!
  5. Make flying fun again – Travelling can we stressful enough without feeling like you might lose your lip gloss or moisturizer to a TSA Agent. Instead of changing it or feeling frustrated, make your carry-on work for you. Try replacing individual products with double-duty beauties like DUCALM’s Multitastic™ Balm, which can be used as everything from a head-to-toe moisturizer and highlighter to a treatment for razor burn.