The DuCalm Story

DUCALM SKINCARE was born out of my personal experience.
As an athlete and a person with sensitive and reactive skin, I am conscious of using non-toxic and natural ingredients, but also the need for ingredient synergy. I craved simplicity, fewer products, and efficacy. I like to go makeup free so I like to have balanced, even skin. I also happen to be an avid multi-studio per day/week fitness addict.

I wanted the best multitasking product that I could carry with me at all times and use on the go. I am a product developer and home skincare maker, so I worked alongside Dr. Stone to create the products’ feel, performance and usage, sourcing the right components to complement the experience. It needed to be easy to stick with everyday, because consistency matters.
Tall order? Not really. DUCALM Skincare gets you there.

As the customer, I conceived of my wish list for the perfect, gentle, multitasking regimen and decided to take some classes making basic skincare products with my stepfather, Dr. Michael O. Stone, PhD, MD. I was a good candidate because I have reactive combination skin, t-zone oil, dryer cheeks, and larger pores. I also have sensitivities to many ingredients. Michael used his biochemistry background to help me analyze ingredients that I reacted to and didn’t, and our path to DUCALM was born.

People’s skin reacts individually, so it was important to narrow down ingredients to those that work, yet are non-reactive. We also wanted to educate the customer about how sweat works to protect your skin through the moisture barrier. You don’t want to strip the moisture barrier when cleansing and disrupt your microbiome, making your skin vulnerable to damage and infection.

We made and tested our own formulas together using effective, natural and nontoxic ingredients. Then we teamed up with some of the best industry professionals to bring this vision to life. Since I started using DUCALM, my skin is consistently clear and even toned, never greasy. I carry my Actives Recovery Kit with me everywhere. I feel like a new person. I am very pleased and we hope you will be too!