DUCALM was born of the studio gym experience. I wanted to design on-the-go, high- performing solutions for common skincare needs that find my on the go lifestyle.

I found my tribe and inspiration in the dark, loud, beating, sweaty room of a SoulCycle studio and have been addicted ever since. Millions have done the same. But the active lifestyle is not just about the studio buff. It’s about the mom chasing her career and kids, the student running from class to a job or the commuter who bikes to work every day. We’re all defined by our busy lives. And in these busy lives, what often suffers is our skin.

our goal is to train the skin the way you would train your body… to perform better.

Which has become a metaphor that resonates with customers who lead hectic lives and need quality, on-the-go skincare solutions. We deliver speed with heart.

We are a maker and a physician formulated active recovery skincare line. I got my start in cosmetics at Henri Bendel and moved on to be a brand-builder and product developer for 17 years. Dr. Stone holds a PhD in Biochemistry and has practiced medicine for 40 years. We teamed up to build a skincare line based on the science of protecting the skin’s moisture barrier.

Our term “Actives Recovery” means helping our skin recover using active ingredients before and after activity. The moisture barrier is made up of sebum and sweat… it forms a protective layer on our largest organ, our skin, to keep out pollution, infection and disease.

DUCALM feeds our skin with the nutrition it needs to work better for itself under daily stress…balancing your skin care…
we’ve been called Gatorade for your skin… by the founder of Shen Beauty.

As a SoulCycle teacher wrote, DUCALM wipes leave me fresh to death.” We love that! Our products are a new play on well-known natural, naturally sourced and non-toxic ingredients.

We use what we call the
“back to basics” line up of ingredients to train our skin…
like moisturizing oils rich in linoleic acid, such as the sunflower oil in our Multitastic™ Balm stick. Humectants, like the Marshmallow Root Extract in our Multitastic™ Barrier, that aid epidermal hydration and cellular repair; and
Gentle exfoliants like black willow bark that remove dead cells and promote absorption of moisturizers. These are found in our Multi-poretastic makeup remover.

We love sweat, but we believe you have to sweat right and cleanse right. For that
reason, we make products that go anywhere… and can be thrown into your gym or ski bag, purse or luggage and be there when and where you need them. We use smart stick products, wipes and… “sink-free” liquid formats that give you a moment to moment access to the highest quality skincare routine. We can be there on those busy days between your morning and nighttime routines, when the most damage is done.

With hashtags like #sweatclean #changeyourhabitschangeyourskin… we work to
educate the DUCALM tribe about better skincare habits, like removing makeup to sweat clean.

As we say: first we sweat, then we DUCALM. Let’s do it together.