Hyaluronic Acid is a powerful humectant that keeps skin plump, smooth and hydrated. It receives a lot of praise to combat aging fine lines and wrinkles, giving the skin a more youthful look.
Our skin cells produce Hyaluronic Acid naturally to maintain moisture levels,
but these levels can drop as we age and due to environmental stressors.

So let’s help ’em out!
You can find Hyaluronic Acid in our Multitastic Barrier!
Our barrier leaves a supple matte finish and makes for an excellent primer for makeup or sunscreen.
Not only does our Barrier contain Hyaluronic Acid to fight fine lines and wrinkles, but its an incredible facial moisturizer.

It goes on cool making it like a glass of water for your face.
Best uses of our Multitastic Barrier

  • Facial moisturizer
    natural botanicals like Calendula, Arnica and Marshmallow root extract calm the skin and lock in hydration with the help of Hyaluronic Acid.
  • Fight those Neck crease lines
    you know, the horizontal lines on your neck? Hyaluronic Acid in our barrier help reduce the appearance of these intense lines.
  • Reduce eye wrinkles and puffiness
    customers have told us that our Barrier is their new fave eye moisturizer to reduce both wrinkles and eye puffiness.

All of our products at DUCALM are designed to protect your skin’s natural moisture barrier and we do this by, you guessed it, incorporating Hyaluronic Acid in a perfect synergy with other powerful ingredients do work wonders on your skin.

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