According to AAA, more than 60 percent of Americans plan on taking some type of vacation this summer*. Just in case you’re one of them, we’re sharing two of our favorite DUCALM™ products that are guaranteed game-changers whether you’re traveling across the country or just to your local gym. Here are a few scenarios to help prove our point … Sit back, relax, and see if you can relate. 

How many times have you rushed to make a flight, only to find yourself stuck on the tarmac, feeling seriously sticky and wishing for a quick refresh, but nope, no can do, because you’re confined to your seat and all the recycled air you can handle until the Captain turns off the seatbelt sign? If you’re like us, too many to count! 

Maybe you’ve taken a road trip, and as refreshing as the countryside can be, at 12-hours in, your buddy’s snoring in the passenger seat, you’ve basically put on a concert with all that singing (because everyone knows you sound like a rock star as soon as you get inside a car, right?!), and you’d give almost anything for a safe place to stop and wipe off the oil slick that used to resemble your face, but there’s not a town, gas station, or exit in sight? Been there, done that too. 

Or what about kids … Whether traveling by plane, train or automobile, even the cutest, most well-behaved child can go from pristine to totally sweaty, frosting in the hair, “weren’t you wearing shoes and socks?” train wreck, in a matter of seconds! Every ounce of you wishes you could inflate that travel tub, but you know it’s not happening, so the best you can hope for is both of you arriving still cute but slightly sticky and stained. There’s not a parent out there who hasn’t lived this one! 

Last but not least, you’ve got dinner plans, but decide to hit up the hottest HIIT class in town first. Shouldn’t be a problem. You can shower there. Except oops! It’s only after you’re tomato-faced and dripping in sweat that you realize it’s a sans showers kind of studio, and this is not the first impression you were hoping to make on your first date!  

Chances are good at least one if not many, of these travel adventures stirred up a memory, and the great news is that our two favorite travel products make dealing with every single one of these situations easy peasy (minus the missing shoes and socks!).

Sink-Free Facial™ Travel Kit – The must-have travel kit that put our brand on the map! Each perfectly packed, gender-neutral bag comes complete with Multitastic™ Cleanser, a mini water bottle, towel, and easy instructions, so you can effectively wash your face any time, any place, putting an end to feeling sticky and stuck once and for all! The kit also includes cool-to-the-touch Multitastic™ Barrier Stick, ideal for on the spot hydration and tackling puffy under eyes, and Natural Nutrient Lip Balm, filled with all the best nourishing ingredients to give you a perfectly hydrated kisser. Do yourself a favor and never travel without it again.  

Walk Out Clean Shower Wipes – Trust that this is not your average wipe. Inside each single-use packet is the thickest, most luxurious and “towel-like” cleansing cloth available. It’s unscented, safe for use from head to toe, and filled with too many skin-calming, cleansing, soothing, hydrating, and good for you natural ingredients to mention! This baby is designed to be a full-body cleanse, and it does not disappoint. Keep these in your carry-on, gym bag, purse, desk drawer and everywhere in between, and you’ll know why our life and travel motto has become, “No shower? No problem!”