Skin Care Regimen

A Good Skin Care Regimen is One that can be Easily Implemented

Easy to use
We designed our line for use just about anywhere. A good regimen is one that can be easily implemented. We are pure spa quality luxury in your bag at the ready. For the person that cares about form, function, and efficacy.
Our products were designed using natural and nontoxic ingredients that blend together synergistically to provide a one-step application that packs a big punch while being super gentle and calming to the most sensitive and reactive skin.
Carefully selected, clean, nonreactive ingredients
The products are made from natural and naturally sourced, nontoxic ingredients that have been Physician Formulated around the science of sweat and preserving the skin’s moisture barrier. We are unscented and paraben, phthalate, sulfate free. The difference is clear that we do not use any colorants or perfumes. It’s a purity you can see.
DUCALM SKINCARE is my effort to continue to help people live a better life.
I particularly want to help those that are engaged in self improvement through physical activities that can affect their skin.
I am Dr. Michael O. Stone, PhD, MD of 40 years experience and this is DUCALM Skincare. We have gone back to basics with naturally occurring substances and essences that are known to be neutral or calming to the multi-layers of our skin. Our products contain natural emollients, antioxidants and are anti-inflammatory and soothing organic compounds that are gently emulsified for ease of application and for excellent absorption.

Your skin is actually an organ, the largest one of all. It is made up of many layers, each containing various glands, nerves, and or blood vessels. Sebaceous (oil) glands produce the fatty acids that help to lubricate our skin and form part of the water barrier of the skin. The sweat glands, along with the skin blood circulation help to regulate body temperature. These functions are all important to overall health, but are impacted on a continuous basis by some combination of activity, sun exposure, trauma, aging, illness, improper diet, smoking, excessive alcohol, depending on the person and their environment.

Doctors are careful to try to avoid poly-pharmacy when RX’ing for their patients because of the risk of bad reactions among the drugs. However in some instances there is synergy between substances that permits the use of fewer and smaller numbers and amounts of each compound. This has been our successful approach to skin care.

Some producers of products occasionally use borderline science, and in some cases, scare tactics in an attempt to sell their products. We make no claims that you can’t prove yourself by trying our skin care products. In fact, it is likely that our products can be used along with your previous ones, reserving ours for simple daily cleansing and for after exercise to enhance your skin’s recovery and calmness. They are great daily use products.