“Tried the on-the-go sinless facial and loved. Skin feeling fresh to death.”
– SYDNEY, New York, NY

“Went to hot yoga today and came home to discover my hot water heater was broken. DUCALM shower wipes to the rescue!
– PERI, Boulder, CO

“When I first used the wipes and the stick, I thought it was going to leave me feeling greasy and oily, and that’s the last thing you want after a run or workout. However, I felt so fresh and I use the stick every day just throughout the day and after a shower. It’s not oily at all and it feels me feeling really fresh and clean. Love it!”
– HANNAH, Fairfield, CT

“I wash my face multiple times a day because of various workouts and my commuting environment. My face has always been dry and tight because of this, but DUCALM’s Actives Recovery Kit has absolutely left my skin so smooth and calm; plus, every product is easy to carry, so I can literally take it with me everywhere. Highly recommend for people who are always on the go!”
– HOLLY, New York, NY

“Used the WALK OUT CLEAN shower wipe today after my workout when I had to head back to work and it was great. Ioved it!”
– EMILY, Indianapolis, IN

“I love DUCALM multitastic balm. It’s always in my bag as my skin dries out so quickly in all the A/C. A healthy for your skin product with long lasting relief and no mess chubby stick applicator. Also a big fan of the facial moisturizer. DUCALM’s a great treat for my skin!!”
– LINDA, Fairfield, CT

“Ducalm is skincare for when you leave the gym, which explains why this packaging is so great – this soothing moisturizer comes in a stick that glides over your skin leaving it hydrated and glowing without any grease. It also soothes redness and razor burn, and doesn’t clog your pores. A yoga bag must-have.”
– Beauty Dummy, Brooklyn, NY

“Never knew how much I needed a puffy product pouch until I received this sporty, goodie-filled bag from #skinbarrier specialist @ducalmskincare 🖤 As a busy working mom who often indulges in public displays of application, the no-finger-needed stick format moisturizer is *deeply* appreciated.”
– Clair McCormack, Brooklyn, NY


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