Sweatucation: Why Sweat is Actually Good For Your Skin.

Love to work out? If so, your pores are constantly purging through your sweat. It’s a common misconception that every time you sweat you should scrub your skin, but did you know that sweat can actually be good for you?

Why sweat is actually good for your skin:

  • It increases circulation
    Good news: if you’re sweating, that means your blood is pumping even better than it already was! As you start to sweat your body increases plasma volume and blood flow to your heart, muscles, and yep – your skin.
  • It releases nutrients
    Sweat contains magnesium, salt, water, nitrogenous molecules from digested proteins, and lactic acid. These nutrients can be effective against fighting viruses, bacteria, and fungi.
  • It pushes out toxins
    Studies show sweat excretes BPAs, heavy metals (including arsenic, cadmium, lead, mercury), and phthalates. You weren’t saving those for later, were you?
  • Sweat helps form your valuable moisture barrier
    Sweat can increase the surface hydration of your skin, which helps keep your moisture barrier intact. It’s the skincare you never knew you already had!

Yes, your skin needs to be cleaned quickly after exercise but using the right ingredients. Scrubbing your skin with harsh soaps strips it of its natural defenses, causing irritation and dryness. Over time, this damages the moisture barrier which is vital to your complexion.

So cleanse right away, but cleanse gently. The better you care for your skin, the healthier your sweat will be, making it less likely to contain bacteria and other volatile compounds.

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Sweat doesn’t ruin your skin, your habits do! #changeyourskinhabits and change your skin.

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